Atlantic Coast Softball Tournaments follow USA Rules for all Tournaments unless otherwise specified below.

Revised 11-28-23

All teams registered for any Atlantic Coast Softball Tournament must submit a completed roster form and provide verification of proof of insurance that list Atlantic Coast as additional insured before the event along with the completion of the Coach’s Checklist found on the ACS website.

***Forfeit Note: Forfeit Time is Scheduled Game Time. Any Team that forfeits CAN NOT advance to the Championship Rounds and are not eligible for any type of refund. At the discretion of the Tournament Director that team may also be removed for the remainder of the tournament. Games will be scored 5-0. GAMES CAN START WITH 6 PLAYERS***

Hotel registration information can be found on the specific Tournament page or the Hotels page. In order to participate, we do require all teams (traveling more than 75 miles) to stay in one of our AC Approved Hotels and book through T1 Housing.

Players cannot be double rostered in the same age division. Each team is responsible to keep a copy of the official state-issued birth certificate for each player on the Coach at all times. (printed or digital PDF is accepted). If any player does not have a copy of her birth certificate, she cannot participate in the Tournament. If a team is caught using a player that is older than the cutoff for the division or an un-rostered player, that team will forfeit every game that player has played in and will not be permitted to continue in the tournament. If there are multiple divisions within and age group (Elite & Open) a player may be double rostered on a team in the Elite and a Team in the Open.

Age Chart (traditional calendar year cutoff)

Season 2024 2025 2026 2027
Birth Year
2019 08U
2018 08U 08U
2017 08U 08U 10U
2016 08U 08U 10U 10U
2015 08U 10U 10U 12U
2014 10U 10U 12U 12U
2013 10U 12U 12U 14U
2012 12U 12U 14U 14U
2011 12U 14U 14U 16U
2010 14U 14U 16U 16U
2009 14U 16U 16U 18U
2008 16U 16U 18U 18U
2007 16U 18U 18U
2006 18U 18U
2005 18U

Time Limit
All tournament games in pool play and playoffs will have a time limit. Championship games will not. The time limit is as follows:

  • 75 minutes, finish the inning (clock starts at the end of the pre-game meeting)

If both teams are tied at the end of regulation, and the Time Limit has not expired, proceed to extra innings. If the home team is winning after the top half of the inning, the game is over. Pool-Play games can end in a Tie!

If a game is tied after the Time Limit expires in Playoff Games (Championship Bracket) we will use the California Tie Breaker. Each Team will start the inning with their last batted out on 2nd base and the batters will have a 0-0 count. Each Inning will proceed this way until the tie is broken. No Tie-Breakers or Time Limit in Championship Games.


Playoffs/Tie Breakers
Seeding will be posted after the completion of all pool play games.
In the event that teams are tied after pool play, the following process will be followed:

  • Head to Head (only if 2 teams are tied. 3 or more, go to next tie breaker)
  • Fewest Runs Allowed (may be averaged if there is an uneven amount of games played)
  • Run Differential (capped at +8/-8)
  • Runs Scored (may be averaged if there is an uneven amount of games played)
  • Coin Flip

***There will be no re-seeding in the playoff brackets***

Defensive: Each team will be allowed unlimited substitutions in the field. A player does not have to be in the batting order to play the field.

Offensive: You may bat nine players, your entire lineup (Roster Batting), or anywhere in between. After the start of the game you cannot change the number of batters you have, it must remain the same for the whole game. If you bat your entire lineup and a player should get thrown out, or injured, and no substitute (a player not in the batting order) remains that is the risk you take and then you must take an out in that spot. Essentially the Batting Order is made up of all EH’s (Extra Hitter’s since there is Free Defensive Substitution)

If you are NOT Roster Batting, regular batting substitution rules apply. Games can start with 6 Players. Players can be added to the batting order in the order they arrive. Batting Spots 7-9 will be outs until enough players arrive.

Home Team
In pool play, the Home Team will be determined by a coin flip. Whoever wins the Coin Flip, has the choice to be Home or Away. In Playoffs and the Championship the better seed will have their choice to be home or away.


  • Each team’s manager must prepare 1 written copy of his lineup listing first and last names and numbers of all players and substitutes prior to each game. Lineups then must be provided to the opposing team’s manager.
  • A copy of the teams lineup card must be kept and be available for the umpire upon request.
  • The Official Scorebook is to be kept by the home team. Both teams are to confer after each inning to confirm the score.
  • A completed Scorecard (kept by the umpire) must be filled out and signed by THE SCOREBOOK KEEPER from each team after each game. Please make sure this is done so that we can make sure we stay on top of the scores, and post the results accurately ASAP.

Metal Cleats/Sunflower Seeds/Gum/Candy/Tobacco Policy

Forfeit Rule: Any team found in violation of this rule by an AC Representative, Umpire, or Field Official will automatically forfeit all games, and fined $300, payable to the Field Owner. No exceptions!
  • No metal spikes allowed at ANY TURF FIELD
  • There is a Strict NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS/GUM/CANDY Policy on ANY park or field that has TURF.
  • Atlantic Coast tournaments have a strict NO TOBACCO policy for any: Player, Coach, Parent, Official, or Tournament Manager!

Molded Cleats, Turf Shoes, or Running Shoes are acceptable for any playing surface. For a complete Field List, including information on our fields of play, please Click Here.


  • Judgement calls by the umpire cannot be protested, rules only. (I.e. player’s age. Rostered players, substitutes, etc.)
  • A protest is only “official” if accompanied by the $100 cash protest fee and is done before the next pitch. Once the game continues play you cannot protest previous “events”.
  • Burden of proof lies with the protester
  • If the protest is upheld, then the $100 will be refunded and the game will be replayed from the point of protest.


Entry Refunds

A non-refundable $150 deposit is due at the time of registration.

Within 90 days of the start date of an event: There will be no entry refunds for withdrawal from a tournament within 90 days of the start of that particular event.

Outside 90 days of the start date of an event: If a team registers, pays, and then drops out prior to the 90 days, they can either transfer their entry, or receive a refund less a $150 administrative fee. If you withdraw (outside 90 days) from an Age Division that is FULL you will not receive a refund until/if your spot is replaced by another team! ($150 Admin Fee still applies). If a tournament is not able to be completed, refunds will be calculated by the number of games played. If payment was made with a Credit Card, the payment will be refunded minus the Processing Fee.

Weather related refunds will go as follows:

5-7 GG:

  • 0 games played: Entry fee minus a $150 administrative fee
  • 1 game played: 75% Refund
  • 2 games played: 50% Refund
  • 3 games played: $100 Credit
  • 4 games played: No Refund

4 GG:

  • 0 games played: Entry fee minus a $150 administrative fee
  • 1 game played: 50% Refund
  • 2 games played: No Refund
Games may start early! Please be prepared to play 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time!

Any registrations received after April 1st 2020, if an event is canceled due to an act of God (or by a government agency) teams will receive a credit for a future event.

Please help keep the tournament fields and common areas clean. Please be sure to pick up all your team’s trash after the game. ONLY 3 COACHES AND A SCOREKEEPER, OR 4 TOTAL COACHES, ARE ALLOWED IN THE DUGOUT AT ANY TIME. HEAD COACH IS ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO DISCUSS ISSUES WITH THE UMPIRE.


  • NO WARNINGS will be given to Coaches, Players, or Fans for unsportsmanlike or unruly behavior.
  • Upon ejection, the Coach, Player, or Fan must completely leave the premises. Failure to comply will result in a team forfeit.
  • Any Player ejected from more than one game will not be permitted on the premises for the rest of the tournament.

Should a Coach, OR FAN, be ejected from 1 game, they will not be permitted to participate in the rest of the Tournament as a Coach, or a Fan, and will not be permitted on any Tournament Game Site for the duration of the Tournament. If the Coach or Fan does not completely leave the premises (this includes the parking lot) the team will forfeit that game.

Official Game

All games are official after the completion of the 3rd Inning (2 1/2 if the Home Team is winning) **unless Mercy Rule comes into effect**. If a game should be called due to darkness, weather, etc. and it is the middle of an inning, then the game will revert back to the score from the previous inning if the 3rd inning has been completed (2 1/2 if the Home Team is winning). If there are ample game slots left, the game may be re-scheduled to resume!!!

Format Alterations
Atlantic Coast Softball reserves the right to alter, change, or abbreviate Tournament Formats and Rules, when necessary. This includes, but not limited to, shortening times limits in order to maintain the game schedule and to ensure all games are played.

Intentional Walk
Coach must notify the home plate umpire and the hitter will be granted 1st base.

Atlantic Coast will supply 3 Softballs for each game. Teams are responsible for chasing foul balls.

Courtesy Runners
Courtesy Runners for Pitcher and Catcher AT ANY TIME. Must be a Player off the Bench/Player not in the Batting Order. If you are batting your entire lineup, then you may use the LAST BATTED OUT. Please remember the purpose is to SPEED UP THE GAME! If the Courtesy Runner is not ready with her helmet and at the entrance to the field at the time the Batter reaches the base, the Umpire reserves the right to refuse the Courtesy Runner option if it slows the speed of the game.

If there is not a Tournament Representative on site, the Umpires will serve as the on-site Tournament Representatives. There will be 2 umpires at every age group. Younger age divisions (8U-12U) may have one umpire.


Games may start early! Please be prepared to play 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time!

There will be no infield/outfield practice prior to tournament games. There will be 1 minute in between innings.
Hitting whiffle balls, or any type of ball, into nets, FENCES, etc. is not allowed on any part of any field!!! Please hit outside the FENCES!!

Special Start Requests
Before entering a tournament, make sure your team has no other conflicts on the listed Tournament Dates. ACS cannot accommodate any special game time requests! Games can begin as early as 8:00 am each day of the event.

Alcohol & Tobacco Policy
Many of our tournaments are hosted on College & High School Campuses, & Community Parks. These locations do NOT permit their players, parents, or fans to consume ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, CHEW TOBACCO, or SMOKE on the premises and we will enforce those policies at our events as well. Please remind your fans and players to respect these policies, as improper conduct will be dealt with as needed. ACS has a Zero Tolerance and Law Enforcement Officials will be called. Ejection may take place for the remainder of the game or tournament at the Tournament Director’s discretion.

Wearable Technology
Wearable technology is permitted for use in game play.

Division Rules

10U 12U 14U & Up
60′ bases 60′ bases 60′ bases
35′ mound 40′ mound 43′ mound
7 inning game 7 inning game 7 inning game
75 Minutes Finish the Inning 75 Minutes Finish the Inning 75 Minutes Finish the Inning
Mercy Rule
20 after 1 20 after 1 20 after 1
15 after 2 15 after 2 15 after 2
12 after 3 12 after 3 12 after 3
10 after 4 10 after 4 10 after 4
8 after 5 8 after 5 8 after 5
Run Rules apply to all games. Championship Games – No 8 Run Rule. Must be 20, 15, 12, or 10.